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imageHowever, BTC trading charts show it is still on a downward slope. Bitcoin price recovery over the last two days is primarily due to a push from buyers looking to own the cryptocurrency at a cheaper price.

Despite the market's exuberance, not all is well with Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency isn't keeping up with the times; the network is slow and congested, causing transaction fees to fly through the roof and making Bitcoin mostly unusable for payments, which was the original intention of its elusive creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

This is why the narrative is being promulgated that claims conservatives are "semi-fascists," even though the real fascism comes from the radical Left that rigged the election, destroyed America’s economy with covid lockdowns and shattered the First Amendment by ordering Big Tech to censor all dissenting views. The people are waking up like never before , which means the deep state must try to invoke more violence than ever before.

That’s very different from money that’s created and cryptocurrency circulated by fiat or government decree. By joining the minting and recording processes into one function, mining takes place on autopilot. Bitcoin mining is predicated on the concept of decentralization. In other words, Bitcoin doesn’t need a central authority directing how new money must be made, how much should be made, or how it should be distributed.

1, 2017, the price was around $1,000, according to CoinMarketCap, meaning Bitcoin is up a neat 1,000% this year. The all-time-high milestone comes after a period of ultra-fast growth, in which the price of Bitcoin rose from about $3,000 to $10,000 in less than three months.

Besides being a big psychological barrier, the price of $10,000 carries no specific meaning for Bitcoin, whose recent growth doesn't appear to be spurred by any sensible metric. Instead, the cancellation of a controversial hard fork in November, increased interest from the public, and institutional investors joining the fray appear to have fueled the stellar price rise.

They need this revolt to bury the damning facts that are now emerging about the FBI’s election interference (Hunter Biden’s laptop), covid vaccines killing people (the dead bodies are becoming too numerous to ignore) and the shocking truth about the engineered collapse of food, energy and bitcoin supply chains worldwide. (Natural News) IMPORTANT: The failing intelligence deep state regime is desperately trying to save itself by provoking an armed uprising that can be blamed on conservatives and Trump supporters. (People will starve and freeze this winter, all across western nations.)

As a result, Bitcoin mining has become an industry with $15 billion in revenue in 2021, according to The Block Research. By fusing the minting of unique digital tokens with a transparent digital ledger, the Bitcoin system showed that an automated and decentralized form of money was possible, and durable. Bitcoin mining was the breakthrough that spawned the cryptocurrency revolution.

Some other nations followed suit including Egypt, Algeria, and Qatar. Beijing prohibited all cryptocurrency activities in September 2021. However, there have been crackdowns. In June 2021, China banned cryptocurrency mining largely to curtail the vast amounts of electricity outfits were consuming as they processed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, now has a market cap larger than $45 billion while the third in line, a fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash, has a market cap over $26 billion. The market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined crossed the $300 billion threshold on Monday, with all 10 largest cryptocurrencies rising in value significantly. And it's not only Bitcoin that's growing.

The coming indictment of President Trump is part of the provocation scheme designed to whip up the American people into an emotional state of revolt. And if that’s not enough, my sources tell me Democrats are making a highly organized attempt to rig the 2022 midterms and maintain control over both the House of the Senate , after which gun confiscation laws will be passed and signed into law to further provoke American conservatives into an attempted uprising. They’re got the tools to achieve it, too, since deep state jerk-offs are, bitcoin in fact, master baiters. Now, the deep state wants to bait Americans into an armed, violent uprising.

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imageWhile this is not exactly a weakness in Bitcoin (after all, drug dealers using cash doesn’t undermine the value of the currency itself), the unintended consequence of its usage for dubious purposes could be considered one. In fact, the US Treasury Department recently applied money laundering rules to bitcoin exchanges.

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